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Welcome to Earlux! Revolutionizing Telehealth for Exceptional Hearing Care.

Seamless hearing healthcare, Anywhere you are: Earlux's cutting-edge Technology makes treating Hearing Loss effortless. Enjoy the convenience of our services without having to step into a physical clinic.  

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Your home is the new hearing clinic!

Avoid the traffic and waiting rooms. At Earlux we make it simple by offering easy and FREE virtual testing and appointments allowing you to find the solution you need right from the comfort of your home.

Step 1

Find out if you're a candidate

Discuss your personal hearing situation with an Earlux hearing consultant to determine what fit, style, and model may be right for you.

Step 2

The Perfect Fit - No Clinic needed

Experience real-time fitting sessions with Earlux’s proprietary Cortex-5 method. This allows Earlux to remotely tune your hearing aids to ensure the perfect fit.

Step 3

Ongoing Care and Support

Receive personalized care through frequent visits with your audiologist to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your Earlux hearing aids.

Enjoy cutting-edge telecare!

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